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Performance Exhaust Systems - Aftermarket

Stillen offers a variety of exhaust systems for many vehicles, both foreign and domestic. 

Some are ideal for normal vehicles while others are better for high-performance engines. 

Do you want to know more about your vehicle’s exhaust system? 

  1. Single Pipe Exit

    The most common type of exhaust systems is the single exit type. You’ll usually find them on cars and trucks you buy from the dealer. They aren’t the most efficient pipes, but they are the cheapest to manufacture and install. The pipe’s exit will always be on the car’s passenger side.

  2. Dual Rear Exit

    The dual rear exit exhaust system is generally on the sportier cars or added to make a vehicle seem sportier. It gives a deeper note to the exhaust, making the engine sound more powerful. This system uses two exhaust pipes on opposite sides of the car. Unlike other systems, the pipes don’t bend around the wheels.

  3. Opposite Dual Exit

    Where dual rear exhaust systems don’t bend, opposite dual exhaust systems work a bit differently. They wrap around the wheel, using the bend to add to the filtering process. You’ll see them more on vehicles that tow large loads like boats or trailers.

  4. Dual Side Exhaust

    Just as the name implies, a dual side exhaust system has two pipes next to each other on one side. The two pipes expel gasses more efficiently than single exit pipes. They look and sound like high-performance systems and offer some enhancement in performance.

  5. High Performance

    High-performance exhaust systems may be more expensive, but they do a more efficient job of filtering out the gasses. However, they are not standard and must be fitted to the vehicle aftermarket. In some cases, a high-performance exhaust system can increase a car’s efficiency and engine performance.


From classic American muscle cars to the newest off-road capable rigs, STILLEN has you covered. Browse our most popular performance car, truck and SUV exhaust systems to find the ultimate exhaust experience for your vehicle.

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