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About Us

Welcome to STILLEN® – A Legacy of Speed and Innovation

At the heart of STILLEN is a passion for performance that has been fueled by the illustrious racing career of our founder, Steve Millen. With over 30 years of professional racing experience, Steve's journey spans continents, climates, and competitions, earning him accolades such as the prestigious IMSA GT Driver's Championship in 1992 and 1994. His relentless pursuit of victory has etched his name as "The All-Time Winningest Driver in IMSA GT History," a testament to his unparalleled skill and dedication to the sport.


Established in 1986, STILLEN has grown to become more than just a manufacturer of automotive aftermarket parts; it's a legacy of speed, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. As a family-owned and operated company, we take pride in embodying the values of quality, precision, and the thrill of pushing boundaries that define Steve Millen's racing career.


Steve Millen's Racing Legacy:

Steve Millen's racing journey is a story of triumphs on diverse terrains, from Formula Fords in Singapore, Rally Cars in Africa, Trucks in football stadiums, to Nissan Prototypes at Le Mans and the 24 Hours of Daytona; these are just some of Steve's winning record. His victories in various competitions have shaped STILLEN into a brand synonymous with success in the automotive world.


Performance-Driven Philosophy:

Influenced by Steve's racing experience, our commitment to delivering high-performance parts is rooted in the racing ethos of constant refinement and testing. Our founder's expertise has made him a sought-after figure for testing by esteemed magazines like Road & Track, a testament to his influence in shaping the automotive landscape.


Proven Excellence:

STILLEN doesn't just build and sell parts; we craft solutions that are rigorously tested and proven to elevate your driving experience. Through professional product evaluation in real-world driving situations, we gain a distinct advantage. Esteemed publications such as Car & Driver, Road & Track, Motor Trend, and others have reviewed and tested STILLEN products, providing rave reviews that echo our commitment to excellence.


As we continue to push the boundaries of automotive innovation, we invite you to join us on this exhilarating journey. Whether you're a professional racer or a passionate enthusiast, STILLEN is here to fuel your need for speed with products that reflect the legacy, precision, and performance that define our brand.