STILLEN supercharger tune


STILLEN supercharger tune


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STILLEN's email tuning service option for all STILLEN superchargers.¦ This tune is only for STILLEN's supercharger systems and is only available in a CARB tested status.¦ STILLEN will not provide custom tuning or support the removal of any check engine lights, removal of emission control devices or any other illegal activity.

STILLEN does not support the removal of factory emissions systems.

STILLEN does not offer support for air to air conversion kits, larger fuel pumps, larger fuel injectors, etc.¦ All of these modifications require supporting parts that STILLEN has not, and can not test which prevents us from being able to support them with tuning services.

With this purchase the customer will need to email their ROM number to¦ Please allow up to 3 business days for ECU's that have already been accessed.¦ To see if your ROM has been accessed please check¦¦ If your ROM has not been accessed please allow UPREV up to 2 weeks for processing.