2009-2011 Nissan GT-R STILLEN Skid Plate - GTRKB128217


2009-2011 Nissan GT-R STILLEN Skid Plate - GTRKB128217


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2009-2011 Nissan GT-R STILLEN Skid Plate - GTRKB128217


Introducing the 2009-2011 Nissan GT-R STILLEN Skid Plate - GTRKB128217, the ultimate solution to safeguard your prized vehicle's front bumper from mild scrapes and potential damage. This skid plate is meticulously designed with vehicle-specific fitment to seamlessly complement the OE front fascia of your Nissan GT-R.


Features and Benefits: 

  • Vehicle Specific Fitment for OE Front Fascia
  • Polyurethane Construction Ensures No Cracking
  • Install as is or Can Be Painted to Color Match
  • Developed and Manufactured In-House
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Urethane Skid Plate
  • For Use With OEM Fascia

Crafted with durability in mind, the skid plate boasts a robust polyurethane construction that ensures resistance to cracking, providing long-lasting protection for your front bumper. Its sturdy design is engineered to absorb impacts and shield your vehicle's fascia from everyday road hazards, giving you peace of mind during your drives.

Installation is a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly enhance the protection of your vehicle. You have the option to install the skid plate as is or take it a step further by painting it to match the color of your car, seamlessly integrating with the overall aesthetic. This customization feature not only adds a layer of protection but also contributes to the visual appeal of your Nissan GT-R.

Developed and manufactured in-house, the STILLEN Skid Plate is a testament to precision engineering and high-quality craftsmanship. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, you can trust in the reliability and durability of this urethane skid plate to keep your front bumper looking pristine for years to come.

Elevate your Nissan GT-R's defense against road debris and minor impacts with the STILLEN Skid Plate – the ideal blend of functionality, style, and peace of mind for automotive enthusiasts.