Rough Country Toyota Tundra 2022-2023 LED Light | Ditch Mount | 2" Bla

Rough Country

Rough Country Toyota Tundra 2022-2023 LED Light | Ditch Mount | 2" Black Pair | Amber DRL


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Rough Country's Ditch Mount LED Lights for Toyota Tundra: Illuminate Your Path!
Illuminate your Toyota Tundra's surroundings with Rough Country's Ditch Mount LED Lights. Engineered exclusively for enhanced side visibility, these LED lights ensure you never miss a thing when driving in low-light conditions. Thanks to their adjustable angles, you have the freedom to direct light precisely where you need it. Plus, with a sleek design, these lights integrate seamlessly without hindering hood functionality or obstructing windshield wipers. Dive into your next off-road adventure with unparalleled nighttime clarity.

Superior Durability for Rugged Adventures
Safety and style go hand in hand with Rough Country's Ditch Mount LED Lights for the Tundra. Crafted from robust 7-gauge material, these lights stand up to the rigors of off-road conditions and reduce potential vibration disturbances. The resilient black powder-coated finish offers added protection against wear and tear, ensuring longevity. With an impressive IP67 waterproof rating, these lights are built to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws their way, making them an ideal choice for both on and off-road escapades.

Hassle-free Installation & Lifetime Warranty
When it comes to installation, Rough Country has you covered. The Tundra Ditch Mount LED Light Bars not only promise exceptional luminance but also guarantee a snug fit on your vehicle. The package includes a comprehensive set of mounting tools and vehicle-tailored hood hinge brackets, ensuring a smooth installation process. Buy with confidence, knowing that these LED lights come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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