Hidden Winch Mount | Ford F-150 2WD/4WD | 2015-2020

Rough Country

Hidden Winch Mount | Ford F-150 2WD/4WD | 2015-2020


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Rough Country's Hidden Winch Mounting Kit allows you to mount a standard size winch in the factory bumper opening for a sleek, flush recovery solution that blends in seamlessly with the factory aesthetic.<br><br>This convenient winch mounting kit features a front plate that spans the opening of the bumper leaving just the fairlead and winch line for an eye-catching, aggressive look. For added convenience, each Hidden Winch Mounting Kit includes a remote port allowing you to connect a wired winch remote for easy operation, with no need to fumble around underneath the vehicle.<br><br>Rough Country's Hidden Winch Mounting Kit features a 100% bolt-on installation process making it easy to upgrade your vehicle! This kit can accommodate most steel or synthetic winches and supports both hawse or roller fairleads. Upgrade your truck and be ready for recovery in an instant! Color: Flat Black Tire Coverage: 2 in. Flare Height: 6.5 in. Simulated riveted look Quick and easy install with no drilling Added protection from rocks, mud and other road debris UV protected to prevent fading Built from a special Tri-Blend ABS material for maximum strength and durability Easily paintable to color match your truck Can be removed to bring truck back to stock 3-year limited warranty Does NOT fit GMC models Installation Time: 1-2 hours.