2021-2024 Ram TRX TruControl by STILLEN Inline Tuning Module


2021-2024 Ram TRX TruControl by STILLEN Inline Tuning Module - TC204007


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2021-2024 Ram 1500 TRX TruControl by STILLEN Inline Power Module - TC204007


Experience the power of innovation with our 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee - Try it in your Ram TRX with zero risk. Custom tuning files available for other performance products.


Enhance your Ram 1500 TRX’s capabilities with the TruControl by STILLEN Inline Power Module! STILLEN is excited to unveil this state-of-the-art upgrade, meticulously engineered to elevate your TRX’s performance effortlessly. By integrating the Power Module directly into the factory wiring harness and fine-tuning essential parameters, we achieve increased boost pressure, resulting in significant power and torque enhancements across the entire power band. Best of all, you can install it in just 15 minutes without any special tools, splicing, or soldering.

In addition, we provide custom tuning files for Stillen performance products. Our expert tuning options allow you to fine-tune your TRX’s performance to match your specific driving style.

Even better news: the TruControl by STILLEN Inline Power Module maintains your factory warranty! Simply remove the product before dealer servicing, and your warranty stays intact. Enjoy the benefits of enhanced power and performance without any concerns. The TruControl by STILLEN Inline Power Module offers the simplest and most cost-effective horsepower upgrade available for your Ram TRX. Unlock the true potential of your truck today!


Features and Benefits:

  • Gain up to 82 flywheel horsepower*
  • Increase torque by up to 97 flywheel ft. lbs.*
  • Easy installation with no factory ECU modifications
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Free app with smartphone integration
  • No soldering or special tools needed
  • Easy removal to maintain factory warranty
  • Over-the-air custom tuning for aftermarket parts (exhaust, intake, etc.)
  • Not for sale in California

*Results may vary


The Performance Breakdown

The Ram 1500 TRX comes from the factory rated at 702 flywheel horsepower, depending on the model year. On our dyno, we recorded a maximum wheel horsepower of 561 at 5900 RPM*. After installing the TruControl by STILLEN Inline Power Module, the dyno showed a peak of 627 wheel horsepower at 6100 RPM, highlighting significant gains at the top end with over 80 wheel horsepower increase. This translates to an overall boost of more than 90 flywheel horsepower at 5200 RPM, achieving nearly 790 peak flywheel horsepower*.

Regarding torque, the TruControl module demonstrates impressive results. Our stock TRX dyno measured 563 ft lbs of torque at 3750 RPM*. With the TruControl module installed, we recorded 616 ft lbs of torque at 5000 RPM*. The most substantial gains were observed at the top end, with increases of 85 ft lbs at 4600 RPM measured at the wheels!

*Results may vary


User-Friendly Operation

With the engine on or the key in the "on" position, you can easily select your desired calibration at any time using the [-/+] buttons. Alternatively, use our totally free and intuitive Tuning: Pro App that allows you to control and reset all calibrations based on your inputs. Our app also allows us to remotely push out new tuning files for other supporting modifications like intakes or exhausts. No extra software, or hardware required, just your smartphone!

The TruControl by STILLEN Inline Power Module comes preloaded with 7 different maps for your Ram 1500 TRX. These maps range from Race mode to Sport mode, and even Eco mode, giving you versatile performance options at the press of a button.