ReadyLift Suspension Leveling Kit 66-3011 PAG663011


2011-2015 Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra 2500 / 3500 HD 2.25" Leveling Kit - Torsion Keys


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2011-UP Chevy Silverado and GM Sierra 2500 HD/3500 HD FORGED TORSION LEVELING KEYS!

General Motors introduces the new 2011-UP 2500HD/3500HD platform and READYLIFT® responds by developing the strongest, safest leveling key system on the market. The ReadyLift 66-3011 2011-UP Silverado/Sierra HD Forged Leveling Key kit uses ReadyLift's time tested engineering technology to bring to market exactly what ReadyLift customers demand.

The new GM 2500 HD suspension required developing an entirely new leveling kit system, a system that includes Forged Torsion Leveling Keys engineered to give the 2011-UP GM 2500/3500 HD trucks a level stance while maintaining the factory ride. Even more important is that ReadyLift is the only company to offer a forged torsion key that is both 25% stronger than OEM key and designed using the same features as the OEM key. Some important areas such as the wider keyway shoulder have been maintained with the ReadyLIFT leveling key. It is important to understand that the 2011-2015 HD trucks have an entirely new suspension design that is twice as large as the previous model. The factory design specific structural features in the 2011 key requirements and ReadyLift chose to maximize those same features in our new forged torsion key. You won't see other companies doing the research that ReadyLIFT does. Most of the 2011-2015 on the market use previous model design elements which are not designed for use on a much bigger and heavier 2011-2015 2500/3500 HD truck!

The NEW 66-3011 Leveling Kit includes two new Forged Torsion Keys, four front shock extensions which allows the customer to retain the use of the stock shocks, and four new shock mounting nuts for a precise and professional installation. Each key and shock spacer is protected with a durable e-coated finish to prevent rusting commonly found on other keys. Allows for the installation of larger aftermarket plus-size tires and wheels. READYLIFT® offers a Lifetime Warranty on all of its products. From light-duty to heavy-duty Trucks or SUV's, READYLIFT® is the SMART way to lift and your truck.

NOTE: 2011-2015 GM HD trucks require the use of ReadyLIFT 66-7816A Universal Torsion Key Unloading Tool.


Features & Benefits:

  • Keep stock suspension "feel" while raising the 2011-UP GM 2500/3500 HD truck 2.25" in the front which is the required lift to achieve a level stance.
  • Gain tire and ground clearance
  • Kits include important front shock extensions and hardware.
  • Stock ride quality retained when properly installed.
  • Easily removed for leased vehicles
  • Guaranteed for the life of your vehicle
  • The fastest, least expensive way to level or lift your truck
  • The Strongest and Safest Forged Torsion Key Leveling system on the market today!

ReadyLIFT® Torsion Key

  • Forged for ultimate strength
  • Safely raises trucks up to 2.25 inches for a level stance
  • Does not "over crank" torsion bar