STILLEN Battery Tie Down Brace 102020


Infiniti/Nissan Battery Tie Down Brace - 102020


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Infiniti/Nissan Battery Tie Down Brace - 102020

The STILLEN Battery Tie Down Brace is the perfect cosmetic complement to your STILLEN equipped car. It matches our STILLEN front strut brace’s appearance to further cosmetic harmony under your hood. Precision machined lightweight billet construction with red STILLEN logo. Fits most Nissans and other cars. 


Battery Tie Down Braces are traditionally flimsy, rubber coated pot metal just waiting to corrode, bend or break letting your battery slide anywhere it chooses. The STILLEN Battery Tie Down Brace is the solution. Made of sturdy, billet aluminum, the STILLEN Battery Tie Down Brace is not only a sharp looking unit, but a strong one to boot. Virtually impossible to bend, or break, the STILLEN Battery Tie Down Brace resists corrosion. With design cues taken from the STILLEN Strut Tower Brace, the Battery Hold Down adds a custom, show-ready look under any hood.