STILLEN Metal Matrix Brake Pads - Rear D540M


Infiniti G20, I30 / Nissan Altima, Maxima, Sentra SE Metal Matrix Brake Pads [Rear] - D540M


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1991-2000 Infiniti G20, 1996-2000 I30 / 1993-01 Nissan Altima, 1991-2000 Maxima, 2000-01 Sentra SE Metal Matrix Brake Pads [Rear] - D540M


STILLEN works with premier brake pad manufacturers to develop the proprietary line of Metal Matrix pads. Pad compound is comprised of an application-specific formula of semi-metallic and blended ceramic compounds for maximum performance and limited annoyance (read: noise and dust).


These pads will tolerate a much higher heat range than OEM pads to significantly reduce fade and remain stable under repeated high performance/high stress conditions. Other pad compounds are available for more or less extreme environments.


Features and Benefits

  • Rear Brake Pad Set
  • High Performance Street Use
  • Low Pad Dust
  • Low Pad Noise
  • Application Specific