2018-2020 Kia Stinger GT Cat Back Exhaust - AWD/RWD [3.3L Twin Turbo] - 504330


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Product Features

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Uses the Factory Tip Outlets
  • Greatest Incremental Horsepower gain: 30 HP @ 6000 RPM*
  • Greatest Incremental Torque gain: 30 TQ lb-ft @ 3500 RPM*
  • Authoritative Tone Under Throttle
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

*Results May Vary!


Kia Stinger GT Cat Back Exhaust - AWD/RWD [3.3L Twin Turbo] - 504330

Increase the performance of your vehicle with theξSTILLENξCat Back ExhaustξforξKiaξStinger GT. This exhaust system features a dual split rear configuration. ThisξSTILLEN Kia Stinger GT Exhaustξuses the Factory Tip Outlets that are integrated into the rear bumper valance. ThisξStinger GT Exhaustξimproves the sound and performance of the vehicle.

AtξSTILLEN, we pride ourselves in designing an all-new cat back exhaust system that strikes a great balance between the performance minded enthusiast and daily drivability. Intelligently designed exhaust flow helps theξKia Stinger GTξfree up some back pressure and push the car to reachξ30+ max HP & 30+ TQξover stock!

While still keeping everything looking original by utilizing the stock exhaust tips. In addition to reaching industry leading HP & TQ figures, while maintaining stock emissions components, we are able to keep the exhaust tone quiet and comfortable while cruising on the freeway.

The STILLEN cat back exhaust system for theξKia Stinger GTξis a great addition to any enthusiast who wants the most grunt but not the drone associated with other exhaust systems.

Compliment the cat back exhaust note with our signature short ramξair intake, that features a partially enclosed polyurethane heat shield. Check out what your Kia Stinger GT can do with an upgraded intake system and read the customer review.

Show off the sound of our cat back exhaust with a specially moldedξrear diffuserξthat fits over the existing rear valance, creating a new aggressive personality.

Match our rear diffuser with a race inspiredξfront splitterξthat molds perfectly to the lower front bumper of your Stinger GT. This splitter is made of a durable construction which means it can survive daily driver use.

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