2018-2021 Kia Stinger GT (AWD/RWD 3.3TT) Rear Diffuser [Unpainted] - K


2018-2021 Kia Stinger GT (AWD/RWD 3.3TT) Rear Diffuser [Unpainted] - KB26002


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Product Features

  • Part Comes Pre-Installed with 3M Automotive Tape (Same as OEM uses)
  • No Cutting or Modification to Bumper - Removable
  • Unpainted - Ready to Prime and Paint
  • Polyurethane Construction
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty




Kia Stinger GT Rear Diffuser - AWD/RWD [3.3TT] Unpainted - KB26002



  • Extends the width of the car
  • Widens the look of the rear bumper
  • Matches front splitter
  • Race-inspired fin design
  • Excellent fitment
  • Durable urethane construction


The STILLEN Rear Diffuser for the Kia Stinger widens the appearance of the rear bumper. The fin design is race inspired and matches the front splitter. This STILLEN Kia Stinger GT Diffuser is constructed from a durable urethane construction and fits snug like factory. This Stinger GT Diffuser improves the look and performance of the vehicle.


Match this race inspired rear diffuser with our front splitter molds perfectly to the lower front bumper of your Stinger GT.


Show off those tail pipes and rear diffuser with the most output performance Kia Stinger GT cat back exhaust. This exhaust features a 2.5 inch dual split rear configuration and utilizes the factory quad style tips.


Compliment the Stinger GT cat back exhaust note with our signature short ram air intake, that features a partially enclosed polyurethane heat shield.