2017-2022 Infiniti Q60 3.0t Rear Diffuser [Unpainted] - KB11235


2017-2022 Infiniti Q60 3.0t Rear Diffuser [Unpainted] - KB11235


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Product Features

  • Part Comes Pre-Installed with 3M Automotive Tape (Same as OEM uses)
  • No Cutting or Modification to Bumper - Removable
  • Unpainted - Ready to Prime and Paint
  • Polyurethane Construction
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


    STILLEN Infiniti Q60 Rear Diffuser



    • Diffusers are an air control application that helps the air exit faster from underneath the car.
    • Improves air flow underneath rear bumper.
    • Eliminates drag coming off the lower rear bumper.
    • Compliments the exhaust tips.


    Upgrading with a diffuser is something I would recommend first on my build list for exterior modifications. When adding this unique styling to your Infiniti, many benefits will remind you again why you purchased the Elegant Infiniti Q60. Complimenting the rest of your exterior modifications with dual carbon fiber exhaust tips and/or track wing finalizes this piece that makes it scream racecar.


    We are offering the V37 Q60 rear diffuser either unpainted or in a painted matte black finish. The painted version arrives ready to install, while the unpainted version can be painted to the color of your choice just like the other STILLEN polyurethane body components. Customers have gone a variety of different routes, including gloss black, color matching the vehicle, dark gray on black vehicles, as well as making the diffuser carbon fiber looking with the help of hydrographics or a vinyl wrap. The options are limitless!

    This rear modification controls the air flowing underneath the car and extracts the trapped air, increasing the movement of air behind the rear bumper. Adding this rear diffuser modification will complete the bottom of the car, show casing the flow of aerodynamic pieces that are uniquely designed for the Infiniti Q60 V37 by STILLEN.

    STILLEN Blog Article about STILLEN Rear Valance Diffuser