2014-17 Infiniti Q50 Sport - Front Splitter - KB11225


2014-17 Infiniti Q50 Sport - Front Splitter - KB11225


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Product Features

  • Front Splitter (Lip Spoiler)
  • Polyurethane Construction
  • Adds Downforce
  • Sport Models Only (Includes Hybrid)
  • Comes painted matte-black

Infiniti Q50 SPORT - Front Splitter - Matte Black - KB11225


  • Race-Inspired Styling Creates an Aggressive Look
  • Designed and Manufactured at STILLEN HQ to Ensure Highest Quality Control Standards
  • Durable Urethane Construction to Survive Daily-Driver Use
  • Gives the car a lowered appearance without actually lowering the cars physical ride height.
  • Accentuates the fluid lines and curves of Q50 Sport Models


The STILLEN front splitter is an excellent addition to virtually any Q50. This handsome front splitter is molded to mesh perfectly with the OEM front bumper. Its streamlined design brings out the dynamic, flowing lines of the Q50 and gives the car an aggressive yet refined look... sort of like a Heavyweight Champion Boxer in an Armani Suit not-so-subtly threatening to knock your teeth out.

The front bumper splitter also improves the look of the Q50's front end, giving it more visual interest and creates a cohesive aesthetic. The front splitter comes painted in a matte black finish, ready to be installed, or have it painted to match to the body color.