2013-2015 Honda Accord Coupe Front Splitter - Unpainted - KB25001


2013-2015 Honda Accord Coupe Front Splitter - Unpainted - KB25001


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Product Features

  • Fits Copue Only!
  • Unpainted - Ready to Prime and Paint
  • Polyurethane Construction
  • Front Splitter (Lip Spoiler)
  • Adds Downforce


STILLEN Front Bumper Splitter for 2013-2017 Honda Accord - Ninth Gen


  • Add rigidity to the lower front bumper fascia.
  • Lower the temperatures of the cooling system with an increase of air flow traveling into the radiator and ducting channels.
  • Increases down force by capturing the air pressure above the front bumper.
  • Add a lower appearance without having to lower the cars physical height.
  • Improve traction at higher speeds, keeping the tires planted.
STILLEN noticed that there is a non-existent exterior modification that most race cars use when on the track and quickly adapted a front splitter to the lower front bumper of the car that also increases the performance dramatically.
The STILLEN front splitter adds both depth and a fantastic look to compliment the natural design of the front bumper face. STILLEN splitters are made from resilient polyurethane that retains shape and is extremely durable. This exterior modification increases the down force to the front wheels creating a high pressure zone above the splitter that slices through the air.
The front bumper splitter also improves the look of the face giving it more aggressive characteristics and a completed appearance. An added benefit is the huge increase of air flowing into and through the radiator helping the cooling aspects of the car otherwise redirected underneath the car creating lift.
The front splitter comes painted in a matte black finish, ready to be installed, or have it painted to match to the body color.