2009-2020 Nissan 370Z [Z34] Brake Cooling Duct Inserts [Fangs] - KB111


2009-2020 Nissan 370Z [Z34] Brake Cooling Duct Inserts [Fangs] - KB111216


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Product Features

  • Modular Air Vents - For Use With STILLEN 370z Fascia Only
  • Vents Work In Conjunction with Brake Cooling Kit

STILLEN 2009-2018 Nissan 370Z Cooling Duct Fang Inserts [Z34] - KB111216ξ


    • Decreases Braking Distance By Dramatically Improving Cooling
    • NISMO-inspired look is both functional and aesthetically pleasing
    • 100% Functional Ducting Designed Specifically for use with the STILLEN 370Z Brake Cooling Duct Kit (Not Included, Sold Separately)
    • Designed for STILLEN Nissan 370Z Front Bumper Fascia, whether daily driven or full-on race car, these ducts (with Brake Cooling Duct Kit) Majorly Improve Braking

    Good Looks

    Everyone knows the 370Z's brakes do not get adequate airflow to cool themselves, so after only 2-3 laps the brakes begin to overheat and fade. The STILLEN brake ducting kit was specifically designed to resolve that problem, and these fang inserts allow you to use the along with the STILLEN 370Z Brake Cooling Duct Kit (Sold Separately) with your along with the Z34 STILLEN 370Z Front Bumper Fascia. Get a clean, custom look that retains the iconic Nissan 370Z style with the STILLEN brake cooling ducts. This part follows the same lines as the OEM fangs and are specially designed to work with the STILLEN 370Z front fascia.

    Strong & Durable

    Enjoy your STILLEN Nissan 370Z brake cooling ducts for many years! They are made of 304 stainless steel for additional strength and weather resistance.

    Dual Purpose Cooling Ducts

    Not only do the STILLEN fangs for 370Z look good, but they also allow you to install a brake cooling kit for your car. This body component is specially designed to be compatible with the STILLEN Nissan 370Z Brake cooling duct kit.

    Designed & Manufactured In-House at STILLEN & Torture Tested at Fontana Speedway

    Each of the cooling ducts for the Nissan 370Z are made in USA at STILLEN headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA.

    Specially designed for the Nissan 370Z

    The STILLEN 370Z fangs that retain the original design of the Nissan 370Z, while offering a custom look. Like the other STILLEN body components, the cooling ducts are designed to contours of the vehicle, allowing for the perfect fit.