2008-2014 Dodge Challenger Front Bumper Canards Pair Anderson Composit

Anderson Composites

2008-2014 Dodge Challenger Front Bumper Canards Pair Anderson Composites AC-CR0910DGCH-DRY


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Dry carbon fiber roof replacement for 2008-2020 Dodge Challenger * Dry carbon products are matte finish only
Anderson Composites dry carbon fiber parts are manufactured by using pre-impregnated carbon fiber fabric and an autoclave. Pre-preg fabric is made by coating each specific weave with an appropriate amount of resin, this optimizes its strength and limits the amount of resin which significantly cuts down on weight. As a result, the prepreg is ready to lay into the mold without the addition of any more resin, vacuum sealed to remove all air between the fabric and mold and then placed into an autoclave to cure at high temperature and extreme pressure (removes impurities and strengthens the final product). Our dry carbon parts have a matte finish (aka dry) because the resin is not coated on the surface.
Steel roof must be removed, this is a carbon fiber roof replacement
Does not have hole for roof mounted antenna, must drill hole 
Professional installation highly recommended