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Best Toyota Tundra exhaust systems

Since 1986 STILLEN has been dedicated to developing high performance automotive parts and accessories.  During that time our company founder Steve Millen has been dedicated to developing the best exhaust systems in the world.  What makes an exhaust, the best exhaust?  In our view it boils down to a few factors:


1) Performance- An exhaust system has to perform better than stock, it has to produce more horsepower and torque than the OEM system.  A common question is how is this possible?  Simply put it boils down to compromises that the OEM's make that the aftermarket does not.  OEM manufacturers must use components that are produced quickly in order to reduce the costs.  Additionally, they must use components that are very restrictive in order to reduce the exhaust volume.  Both of these factors combine to create a restrictive exhaust system that does not allow the engine to breath efficiently.  By designing a free flowing exhaust with a non-restrictive muffler we are able to gain horsepower and torque across the entire power band.


2) Sound- Our goal is to produce an exhaust system that enhances the sound of the OEM exhaust system.  Enhance is the keyword.  There is a difference between a loud exhaust and an enhanced exhaust tone.  We want to create a little rumble, create some excitement. We also want to be able to hear our own thoughts while cruising on the freeway.  We want to be able to jump in the vehicle and drive for 4 hours straight and not feel worn out by the exhaust.  Let's be honest we want our significant others to get in the car and not complain!!!


3) Style- One of the great features of a performance exhaust system is the finishing tip.  Whether you choose polished stainless steel, black, carbon ceramic, burnt, or other possibly available options, an exhaust tip is a great way to make your vehicle stand-out and add some personalization to your truck.


How does all of this relate to the best 2022-2025 Toyota Tundra exhaust system?

STILLEN is very proud to offer a range of the best Toyota Tundra exhaust systems available for this great vehicle.  Featuring the 3.4 liter twin turbo V6 from Toyota this fantastic powerplant really benefits from being woken up by a high performance Toyota tundra exhaust system.

All of our vendor partners utilize a free flowing mandrel bent exhaust system for the Toyota Tundra which will increase exhaust gas flow and add performance.

We decided to produce a list from the cheapest Toyota Tundra Exhaust to the most expensive.  As well as rank them in a "good, better, best" incorporating their cost to value ratio.

Cheapest 2022-2025 Toyota Tundra Exhaust Systems:

These systems were chosen because they are well under $1,000.00.  They offer an upgrade over the OEM system but might be missing in engineering time, warranty, and overall quality.

MBRP Toyota Tundra exhaust system:

MBRP 2022-2025 Toyota Tundra 3.4L cat-back 4 inch tip (

Gibson Toyota Tundra exhaust system:

2022+ Toyota Tundra Exhaust system by Gibson (


Most Expensive 2022-2025 Toyota Tundra Exhaust systems (over $1,000):

These systems are towards the higher end of cost.  Generally this increase in cost is caused by a better warranty coverage and superior materials.

Magnaflow Toyota Tundra exhaust system:

2022+ Toyota Tundra Street Series exhaust by Magnaflow (

CORSA Toyota Tundra Exhaust System:

22-24 Toyota Tundra exhaust-CORSA (

Best Value Toyota Tundra Exhaust System:

These exhausts systems fall in the "middle of the road" balancing high quality and superior materials along with proven engineering against efficient manufacturing to offer a the best "bang for the buck tundra exhaust."

2022+ Tundra STILLEN 3.4L Twin Turbo V6 STILLEN Cat-Back Exhaust

STILLEN tested multiple variations of exhaust systems and mufflers to optimize the exhaust system for the 2022 Toyota Tundra 3.4 liter V6.  Combined with the STILLEN TruControl and exhaust system you can expect to see a gain of 100 horsepower at the wheels

 Why would you want to consider an aftermarket exhaust system for your toyota tundra? An aftermarket exhaust system is a great way to personalize the exhaust note of your vehicle. Additionally, many of our customers report back that they see an improvement in their fuel economy.