2003-07 Infiniti G35 2003-2008 FX35 Z-Tube - Without Intake


2003-2007 Infiniti G35 / 2003-2008 FX35 Z-Tube [Without Intake] - 403235


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Product Features

  • Roto-Molded Plastic Tubing Like the 350Z
  • Isolates Incoming Air From Engine Heat
  • Use With Stock Airbox or for Maximum Gains Add the STILLEN Intake
  • Does Not Include Intake
  • CARB Exempt

STILLEN Z-Tube for 2003-2007 Infiniti G35 coupe, 2003-2006 G35 sedan, 2003-2008 Infiniti FX35 [S50] (without Filter No Heat Shield) - 403235


  • Direct Bolt on replacement
  • GAIN 11 Horsepower Improved mileage per gallon (MPG)*
  • Hassle free at smog check, with the CARB Exempt design
  • Increase airflow and filtration efficiency by replacing factory panel filters with high performance cone or barrel air filters with larger surface area.
  • BEST airflow speed by replacing restrictive intake tubing with larger diameter tubing.

*Results May Vary!

The factory intake tracts on the third gen Infiniti G35 V35 and first gen FX35 S50 were not designed for maximum performance. The Nissan 350Z, which shares its engines with both the V35 Infiniti G35 and FX35 vehicles, and are equipped with a much more efficient intake tube that breathes easier and cooler than its Infiniti counterparts.

The STILLEN Z-Tube is so efficient that it is a direct replacement of the OEM design from a Nissan 350Z, putting out enormous power gains of 11 horsepower!

Made of a roto-mold plastic, the Z-TUBE intake duct offers excellent insulation properties, repelling heat coming off the surface of the engine. As a result the cold intake power increased dramatically. The maximum gains are only achieved when matching up with a STILLEN Hi-Flow Intake filter, part# 402835 , that also includes a polyurethane heat shield for a true cold air intake.

The Venturi ring acts as a velocity stack, speeding up and directing the airflow into the intake chambers, producing a noticeable power bump. The Intake System also lends a more aggressive tone to theV35 G35 and S50 FX35 when pressed, but remains unobtrusive at cruising speed.