2008-2013 Infiniti G37, 2014-2015 Infiniti Q60 Air Intake


2008-13 Infiniti G37, 14-15 Infiniti Q60 Air Intake - (Gen 3) Dual Ultra Long Tube w/ Shield - Dry Filter - 402846DF


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Product Features

  • Ultra Long Mandrel Bent Polished Aluminum Intake Tubes
  • Do Not Use Oil and Provide Low Restriction
  • Increased Throttle Performance and Horsepower
  • High Quality STILLEN Washable Dry Filter
  • Easy to Clean and No Need to Re-Oil
  • Fits RWD & AWD Models


Infiniti G37 Air Intake - Infiniti Q60 (Gen 3) Dual Ultra Long Tube w/ Shield - Dry Filter - 402846DF


  • 18.5WHP / 13.12WTQ Gain (Infiniti G37 coupe)*
  • Built To Last - Designed & Built in U.S.A.
  • More Efficient Air Filter Media Enhances Airflow Improves mileage per gallon (MPG)
  • Larger Surface Area Air Filters for Greater Intake Airflow Capacity
  • Enhanced Throttle Response Across the Rev Range
  • Simple Installation - Easy Enough to Do In Your Driveway!
  • Visually Improves Engine Bay Aesthetics & Appearance
  • Runs Great on OEM Tune, No CEL, No Tune Needed!
  • Not for sale in California

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Increase engine performance with the Air Intake for Infiniti G37, Q60. The Genuine STILLEN intake features the most optimal horsepower and torque gains. This Infiniti G37, Q60 air intake has a polished finish. This G37, Q60 intake provides a better air flow to the engine with the smooth surface tubing construction.

STILLEN was the first national performance tuner to introduce a high flow cold air intake for the Infiniti VQ37 equipped cars. Our first cold air high flow air intake system offered a small gain in power accompanied by great sound enhancement. Economical and easily installed, this Gen 1 Cold Air Intake gained instant popularity. Not long after, we introduced our Gen 2 Long Tube Intake. It improved on the Gen 1 unit with polished tubes, even better sound and a bump in power. It also quickly became one of our best-selling air intake kits.

Maximum performance from the VQ37 engine led to the introduction of our new Generation 3 Ultra Long Tube Cold Air Intake Kit for the G37 V36. Our R&D team engineered and dyno tested more than 50 variations before identifying this design as the best solution available for the Infiniti V36 G37, Q60 VQ37 engine.

The Gen 3 intake has a radically updated design that provides dramatically better power than any intake on the market for the VQ37 equipped vehicles. The new Ultra Long Tube Cold Air Intake places two STILLEN air filters in front of the radiator. This strategic placement of the filters allow for optimum cold air flow and easy filter access and removal for cleaning. On some applications such as the V36 G37 a urethane splash guard is included in the kit to help protect the filter.

It features an integrated system of variable diameter tubing and steps to maximize air velocity, including additional polished tubes that pass through the front core support. Recommended installation requires removal of the front fascia clip (not absolutely necessary for some vehicles, but significantly aids in ease of installation) and slightly enlarging the holes through the front core support.