2014-2015 Infiniti Q50 Gen 2 Air Intake Kit - Dry Filter


2014-2015 Infiniti Q50 Gen 2 Air Intake Kit [V37] - Dry Filter - 403230DF


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Product Features

  • Twin Mandrel Bent Polished Aluminum Intake Tubes
  • Polyurethane Heat Shields
  • Do Not Use Oil and Provide Low Restriction
  • Increased Throttle Performance and Horsepower
  • **Not for Hybrid Models**
  • High Quality STILLEN Washable Dry Filter
  • Easy to Clean and No Need to Re-Oil
  • Fits RWD & AWD


Infiniti Q50 Air Intake - (Gen 2) Dual w/ Polyurethane Heat Shields [V37] - Dry Filter - 403230DF



  • True Cold Air Intake Design with Urethane heat shields
  • Designed and Manufactured in U.S.A.
  • Improved Airflow and Filtration Efficiency May Increase mileage per gallon (MPG)
  • Larger surface area air filters improve throttle response
  • Simple Enough To Install In Your Driveway
  • Visually improves the appearance of the engine compartment
  • No Check Engine Light - Runs Great on OEM ECU, NO TUNE NEEDED!
  • not for sale in california




Increase engine performance with the STILLEN air intake for Infiniti Q50. The GEN 2 features the most optimal horsepower and torque gains. This STILLEN Infiniti Q50 air intake has a Polished finish. This Q50 intake provides a better air flow to the engine with the smooth surface tubing construction.


The first step in upgrading your Q50's performance is to replace the restrictive stock air box with a STILLEN High Flow Cold Air Intake system. It might just be the best dollar-per-horsepower investment you make! When you install a STILLEN air intake, you can be confident you're using the best air intake kit on the market - one you can be sure delivers the performance gains you're seeking.


All STILLEN air intakes are designed, tested and optimized to generate peak horsepower and torque increases across the RPM range. Note that the high flow design increases the volume of engine note both inside and outside the cabin. Performance-minded enthusiasts typically find the authoritative note of a high flow air intake pleasing. The STILLEN cold air high flow air intake system is designed for V37 Q50 owners seeking improved performance along with a visual upgrade to the engine compartment. As with all of our urethane intake boxes, these can be left natural black or painted to match the color scheme of the car. The STILLEN Generation 2 Long Tube Dual Hi-Flow Intake is mild under cruising situations, and really comes to life creating an impressive intake note under acceleration.