STILLEN Nissan 370Z [Z34] Brake Cooling Kit - Factory Bumper - 308360


STILLEN Nissan 370Z [Z34] Brake Cooling Kit - Factory Bumper - 308360


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Product Features

  • Fits 370Z Fascia Only
  • 25% Decrease In Rotor Temps
  • Decrease In Braking Distance and Brake Fade
  • Improved Track Times and Longer Track Sessions
  • Decreases Risk of "370Z Ice Mode"
  • No Cutting Required - Constructed of 304 Stainless Steel


STILLEN Nissan 370Z [Z34] Brake Cooling Kit - Factory Bumper - 308360


  • 25% decrease in rotor temps versus vehicles without cooling kit
  • Decrease in braking distance - Reduction in brake fade
  • Prevents warping - Reduced chance of pad glazing - Extends life of brakes
  • Reduces the chance of brake fluid boiling
  • Decreases the chance of catastrophic damage to brake system
  • Improved track time and longer track sessions
  • Decreases the risk of "370Z ice mode"
  • No cutting required
  • Constructed out of 304 stainless steel
  • Consistent rotor temperature for reduced thermal stress on rotors

STILLEN Quality Components:

6 foot silicon rubber air duct hose lined with a cylindrical brass covered steel braid designed specifically for use in high temperature racing applications. Constructed out of laser cut 304 stainless steel and formed on a 7 axis CNC press brake

STILLEN is proud to announce the release of the new 370Z brake cooling kit for owners looking to improve track times and lower brake temperatures. These kits can be used with Stillen Sport Rotors and Metal Matrix brake pads, big brake kits, and factory brake systems.

Bringing down brake temperatures improves all factors of braking performance, longer sessions at the track, reduced or eliminated brake fade, and overall safety by taking care of your braking system, whether it's what came from the factory, or if you've made the ultimate upgrade with a full 370Z big brake system.

The engineering team at STILLEN has developed a complete bolt-on Brake Cooling Kit for the 2009-2012 Nissan 370Z designed to do just that, reduce brake temperatures by as much as 25%. Months of testing, development, track and road testing have gone into this setup, which works both with the factory fascia, as well as the upgraded STILLEN Polyurethane Front Fascia which features aggressive styling and larger air ducting areas perfect for increasing the air available for brake cooling.

STILLEN Track Tested:

To test the performance of the STILLEN Brake Cooling Kit, our engineers pushed the kit to the limit at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. Testing was performed with the brake cooling kit connected on one side, and not the other. Thermo-couplers were installed on the inboard friction surface of the rotors and connected to professional, race grade, data logging equipment. This testing environment ensured accurate readings under identical testing conditions. During testing the non-cooled rotors reached 600 degrees while the cooled side only reached 456 degrees. This is a temperature difference of over 140 degrees or 25%. The Brake Cooling Kit outperformed our expectations, and decreased rotor temperatures by 25% from side to side. The cooling kit spent a good amount of time with STILLEN's engineers, and the results are a testament to their dedication and hard work. Testing showed not only does this kit keep the brakes cooler, but it better manages the temperature keeping the rotors at a more consistent temperature thus reducing the thermal cycling of the rotor.

The STILLEN 370Z brake cooling kit is composed of several pieces, designed specifically for the punishing conditions that may result from high performance vehicles. The kit comes in two varieties depending on whether the vehicle is equipped with the STILLEN Polyurethane Front Fascia or the standard factory fascia. Both kits feature 6-foot silicon rubber air duct hose, lined with a cylindrical brass covered steel braiding.

The hosing takes advantage of airflow from the front of the vehicle, either by mating to the specifically-designed STILLEN Fascia with the established brake ducting scoops, or with the factory fascia via a 304 stainless steel CNC laser cut bracket that is bolted onto the OEM fascia. On the hub side, another 304 stainless steel CNC laser cut bracket formed on a 7-axis CNC machine is provided to brace the hose in a position that precisely leads the incoming airflow to the center of the rotor. This location directs the cool air into the center of the rotor blowing through the vented portion of the disc. This is the optimal location for brake rotor cooling ducts as it is the only way to cool the entire rotor from the inside out.

Not only has this brake cooling kit been tested by the STILLEN experts, but it has also been put through the paces by the MotoIQ team as well. This brake cooling kit passed their test with flying colors. 

*Will fit later model vehicles but the factory fascia duct mounts are not compatible with 2012+ model fascias.