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AlphaRex® specializes in designing and manufacturing superior automotive aftermarket performance lighting. Our goal is to produce lighting products, and technology, that are unrivalled. With our revolutionary PATENTED full L.E.D technology, our Nova-Series L.E.D headlights mark the debut of our distinctive brand. Our NOVA-Series and LUXX-Series PATENTED Ice Cube 3D projector is the core of our exclusive design. Each NOVA-Series headlight projector is equipped with an Osram Oslon Black Flat L.E.D. chip to provide maximum light output, both in illumination and projection. We will persist with our philosophy of innovative technology and uniquely stylish designs in order to bring the very best to the automotive aftermarket industry.

AlphaRex®, believes in unsurpassed quality and originality is the key to stay above the competition, and it is our mission to bring much sought-after advanced products to our customers. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, our factory is without a doubt the pioneer of the performance lighting industry, and capable of successfully designing and manufacturing lighting products for our ever-evolving industry. AlphaRex® designs lights from inception, patent every component we’ve designed, and guarantee that our products are compliant with the SAE and DOT requirements. AlphaRex® products are also certified to ISO-9000, ISO-9001 and ISO-9002 standards. They are inspected with every detail of our lights to ensure that our customers are more than satisfied with every detail. AlphaRex® strongly believes that excellent customer service and technical support is the key to success; and our team is ready to answer any questions you might have to ensure our customers (and yours) have unparalleled service and satisfaction.

AlphaRex® is now accepting wholesale distribution partners. We believe that in order to reach the broad mainstream aftermarket audience, we need to partner with reputable Warehouse Distributors to stock and promote our supreme brand and unique products. Therefore, AlphaRex® have set-up a discount structure for our NOVA-Series and LUXX-Series L.E.D headlights with MAP pricing exclusively for our wholesale customers. We intend to protect, not compete with, our distributors. In order to be the best Vendor partner, we believe that we should put our efforts into developing and improving our products and technology. So, our authorized distributors can focus on reaching out to your valued Jobbers and potential buyers. STILLEN® recommends most products made by AlphaRex®.