Infiniti Q50 Rear Spoiler [Unpainted] - KB11223


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Product Features

  • Rear Wing - Fits Flush
  • Does Not Block Rear View Camera
  • Polyurethane Construction - Ready for Prep and Paint
  • Developed and Manufactured In-House
  • Vehicle Specific Application
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Infiniti Q50 Rear Spoiler - Trunk Lid - Not Painted


  • Contours following the natural body lines
  • Organic fluid styling
  • Durable urethane construction
  • Easy, in your driveway installation


If you have ANY doubts about your ability to install a STILLEN body styling part, we recommend you have a reputable body shop install your parts for you. HOWEVER, we strongly recommend you insist that the shop follow instructions to the letter and use 3M adhesive prep and Wurth Clean Prep Solution for best results.

The STILLEN Q50 Rear Spoiler mounts on the trunk decklid, and is sometimes called a rear decklid wing. The Q50's contours flow in a very organic manner, resulting in a rather curvaceous body. The tail end of the car somehow lacks something visually, though. To give the rear end a more streamlined, finished appearance, care is taken to manage air flow as well as to blend the lines of each part with the vehicle.

The effect is a distinctive design element that fits like it came from the Infiniti design studio. Designed and manufactured in-house at STILLEN in Costa Mesa, CA and molded in durable and flexible polyurethane to survive the harsh realities of daily-driven street use for years to come.

This trunk spoiler is shipped unpainted, ready to be prepped, primed and painted the color of your choice. It is easily installed onto your trunk with 3M Body Trim Adhesive with no drilling required.

STILLEN has been manufacturing polyurethane body styling parts for almost 30 years. We're the experts when it comes to designing, building and installing high quality aerodynamic and body styling performance parts. STILLEN body styling parts are designed and tested to ensure exact fit prior to production. Our proprietary polyurethane formula is so strong and resilient that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on materials.

In our experience, when it comes to installing STILLEN polyurethane (or any other brand) of car and truck ground effects, splitters, diffusers, roof spoilers, wings, side skirts, front facias and other body styling parts, proper preparation and careful installation makes all the difference.

A few minutes spent watching our how to install video and carefully reading installation instructions will pay off by preventing your ground effects from falling off due to improper installation.