Infiniti Q50/Q60/Q70/M35/M37/M56 SPC Adjustable Rear Control Arm Kit [3 Set]


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Use this three arm set (3) to make the rear of your Infiniti Q fully adjustable for camber, toe and wheel setback. Whether you are modifying for stance, want adjustability for the track or simply need to replace an OE arm, this is the kit for you. The camber link provides ±3° camber, the toe link will give ±3° beyond the OE cam and the adjustable trailing link makes ±1" setback adjustment possible so you can maintain factory wheel base or get the tire exactly where you want it in the wheel well.

These links all feature high durometer bonded rubber bushings to maintain factory ride quality and all steel construction for strength when you need it. Attention: the sequence of arm adjustments made is extremely important when upgrading to this multi-link system.


  • Rear Adjustment Range:
  • Camber: ±3.0°
  • Toe: ±3.0°
  • Setback: ±1.0"
  • Installation time: 1.0 hr/side
  • Required: 1 kit per wheel