2017-2022 Infiniti Q60 Front Splitter & Winglets - KB11232


2017-2022 Infiniti Q60 Front Splitter & Winglets - KB11232


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Product Features

  • 3 Piece Kit: (1) Splitter & (2) Diverters
  • Polyurethane Construction
  • Front Air (Lip Spoiler) / Front Splitter
  • Part Comes Pre-Installed with 3M Automotive Tape (Same as OEM uses)
  • No Cutting or Modification to Bumper - Removable
  • Painted Matte Black




Infiniti Q60 Front Splitter w/ Winglet Extensions




  • Dynamic, Flowing Lines Compliment the Organic Design of the Q60
  • Winglets Sit Flush with the OEM bumper but protrude slightly to meet with front splitter
  • Creates a "Weekend Racer" Aesthetic
  • Designed And Manufactured IN HOUSE at STILLEN to ensure the highest standards of quality and fit
  • Makes Your Q60 Stand Out From The Crowd


Are you GT-R Inspired?


With our new line of Aero upgrades for the 2017-2020 Infiniti Q60 Coupe, we took inspiration from the current NISSAN GT-R and the aero upgrades available on higher trim models. GT-R Inspiration in mind, we set out to create a handsome line of aesthetic upgrades that both compliments the fluid, organic design language of the Q60 while still offering some race-car flair.


Custom fitted to the Q60's bumper precisely, this STILLEN Front Splitter and Winglet set works brilliantly as an ensemble, creating a track-ready look that will make your Q60 stand out from every other car in the valet's Queue. Manufactured in durable urethane, unlike brittle and fragile front splitters made in Fiberglass or Carbon that can easily crack and shatter, the polyurethane construction means that this front splitter is very likely to survive the harsh reality of daily-driven street use.