2016-2018 Nissan Altima Front Splitter [Matte Black] - KB13152


2016-2018 Nissan Altima Front Splitter [Matte Black] - KB13152


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Product Features

  • Front Splitter (Lip Spoiler)
  • Polyurethane Construction
  • Painted Matte Black - Can Also Be Painted
  • Fits ALL Altima Trim Models


2016-2018 Nissan Altima Front Splitter [Matte Black] - KB13152



  • Arrives painted matte black- Ready to install.
  • Rigid extension to the lower front bumper
  • Helps keep the tires on the ground producing more traction at higher speeds.
  • Reduce lift that act like a wedge to force high air pressure upwards over the car.
  • Add a lower appearance without having to lower the cars physical height.
  • Direct extra air into ducting and cooling systems



NISSAN has brought a new sport vessel to the luxury line of available sedans, which makes this is really exciting for the aftermarket development team. Here at STILLEN, the increase in performance goes hand in hand with the quality material and craftsmanship of the product. The goal was to provide the best looking and best functional front splitter for the Nissan Altima L33.


A true functional front bumper splitter directs the air that is moving over the front bumper face providing a down force pressure that keeps the face of the bumper from lifting up at high speeds - breaking traction.


To help save the rubber tires and keep that nose planted, we recommend one of these race aesthetic STILLEN Front Bumper Splitter for your 2016-18 Nissan Altima L33. This front bumper splitter uses all types of functional forms that support the front bumper fascia making it more rigid at high speeds.


The splitter looks amazing on the Altima L33, giving it wings, the sporty coupe transforms into a fighter jet with a elegant sweep of aggression. Since the features of the product were based off the original body form, the design of this splitter also shares the same initial lines, making this splitter more stream line and fits tight to form underneath the chin.


The STILLEN front splitter makes the 2016-2018 Nissan Altima look lower without having to sacrifice the vehicle physical height and extends off the front of the bumper by only a few inches to add aggressive characteristics. The STILLEN splitter is available unpainted or painted matte black, but getting a custom finish either paint matching or something vibrant really makes the splitter pop and stand out.

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