Rough Country 6 inch Lift Kit for 2017 Nissan Titan 4WD non-XD [H61] (

Rough Country

Rough Country 6 inch Lift Kit for 2017 Nissan Titan 4WD non-XD [H61] (87820)


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Rough Country 6 inch Lift Kit for 2017 Nissan Titan 4WD non-XD [H61] (87820)


  • Compliments the emphasized monster tires and beefy bolt on body fender flares.
  • Add a 6 inch lift of elevation to the trucks factory height stature.
  • Eliminates that hideous rake appearance, raising the suspension to a natural horizontal stance
  • No modification to the exhaust

The perfectly redesigned Nissan Titan H61 for 2017 has outrageous improvements in performance compared to the previously design model Titans. And Rough Country has goals to transform the truck for unlimited amounts of night trial expeditions and mudding. Rough Country has designed a suddle lift kit that will showcase your H61 truck when its most dirty or out on its daily commute.

With a 6 inch lift kit not being able to see will be a thing of the past, raising the trucks elevation re-gains confidence on the road and getting over obstacles never felt easier. This reinvention of the Titans suspension raises the ground clearance, showing off how well it can jump in and out of mud. The lift kit still maintains comfortable factory ride dampening so that you can drive on or off road without switching out components. Compliment the enormous tires and bolt on flare kit with the emphasized prominence of this elegant lift kit from Rough Country. Most importantly eliminate that “Rake” appearance that the factory of Nissan proudly left un-touched, this kit levels the chassis of the truck, and ensuring better performance and style.

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This lift kit includes larger knuckles, muscular cross members, and a lower differential skid plate that supports the underside of the chassis providing gorilla strength protection for any trial or weekend excursion.

Complete the Off-Road look when elevating the features of your 2016+ Nissan Titan H61 with Rough Country Pocket Fender Flares and illuminate the road forward with Rough Country Black Series LED Light Bar.