ReadyLift SST Lift Kit 69-3070 PAG693070


2004-2012 Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon / 2006-2010 Hummer H3, H3T SST Lift Kit


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ReadyLIFT is proud to offer a new SST Lift Kit system for the Chevy Colorado / Hummer H3, H3T / GMC Canyon 2WD & 4WD (Torsion bar) pickups. Using ReadyLIFT's popular engineering methods our research and development team has recently released a true bolt-on, no modifications required, front and rear lift kit system for 2004-2012 Colorado, H3, & Canyon pickups. The front of this popular truck receives a 2.25" lift in front using the ReadyLift 66-3070 adjustable torsion keys. To lift the rear, new rear leaf spring shackles are included which provide a 1.5" lift in the rear. This equates to a nice all around lift suitable for up to 32" tall tires while providing a little bit of a rear rake to towing or hauling. In addition to the highest quality torsion keys and shackles on the market, this kit also contains front and rear shock extensions so you will not have to change your stock shocks.

Installation time is estimated at 2-3 hours depending on mechanical experience of the installer.

The 69-3070 SST Lift Kit is designed for use on torsion bar equipped trucks.

For information about tire and wheel sizes please visit the ReadyLIFT Tire Sizing and Calculator Page

ReadyLIFT® Features

  • Keeps your factory ride - Guaranteed
  • Will never wear, break or fail - Guaranteed
  • Toughest finish - Guaranteed
  • Safest way to lift - Guaranteed

ReadyLIFT® Torsion Key

  • Forged for ultimate strength
  • Safely raises trucks 1.5 to 2.25 inches
  • Does not "over crank" torsion bar