Muffler xMOD 5x8x18 3/3


Muffler xMOD 5x8x18 3/3


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The MagnaFlow xMOD Universal Muffler #14009 offers modularity without limits! With three distinct, swappable modules, this universal muffler enables custom exhaust builders to transform any exhaust into an xMOD exhaust. xMOD Universal Muffler #14009 features a 3” diameter inlet and outlet, durable 304 stainless steel construction and a 5” x 8” x 18” muffler body. The muffler is produced using CNC precision robotic manufacturing and is backed by MagnaFlow’s limited lifetime construction warranty. Best of all, this xMOD Universal Muffler offers similar dyno-proven performance regardless of which configuration it’s in. The extra port next to the exhaust exit is key to the xMOD functionality of #14009. In fact, the entire character of your exhaust can be changed by simply switching the module connected to said port. Looking to keep droning under control for long trips on the highway? That’s where MagnaFlow’s No Drone Technology (NDT) comes in. The NDT module uses quarter-wave passive noise cancellation in combination with NDT capabilities already built into the muffler body to keep those tiresome noises in check. It does all this while still providing an epic exhaust sound when you open the throttle. In the mood for MagnaFlow’s deep signature exhaust note? Just cover the extra exhaust port with the included muffler module cap to force exhaust gases to just route through the muffler itself. Of course, for those looking to take their ride to the track the MagnaFlow Universal Muffler #14009 also includes the xTreme Bypass module. This setup is engineered to essentially circumvent the muffler, offering a powerful straight-pipe exhaust note with volume to match. However, while #14009 is 100% emissions legal, the use of the xTreme Bypass module is recommended for track and off-road use only. Check local noise regulations.