Muffler xMOD 5x8x18 2.5/2.5


Muffler xMOD 5x8x18 2.5/2.5


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The MagnaFlow xMOD Universal Muffler #14006 incorporates the modularity and dyno-proven performance of our xMOD Series of performance exhaust systems into the form factor of a specially designed universal muffler. As with the rest of our xMOD line, muffler #14006 enables you to easily switch between three unique exhaust configurations to create the exact sound you’re looking for: the NDT Module, Muffler Module, and xTreme Bypass Module. While the muffler body already incorporates MagnaFlow’s No Drone Technology (NDT) to minimize droning regardless of configuration, the NDT Module adds a quarter-wave resonator to the system to further eliminate droning. Alternatively, the Muffler Module uses a block off cap to cover the extra exhaust port and generate MagnaFlow’s deep signature sound, while the xTreme Bypass Module opens everything up for a straight-pipe effect. The xMOD Universal Muffler #14006 features a 2.5” diameter inlet and outlet, durable 304 stainless steel construction and a 5” x 8” x 18” muffler body. Each xMOD muffler is produced using CNC precision robotic manufacturing and is covered by a limited lifetime construction warranty. All three of the available configurations are engineered to deliver consistent performance, with the only difference being sound. Changing between modules is as easy as swapping out which component is attached via the included band clamp to the extra port found next to the exhaust exit. Be warned, while #14006 is 100% emissions legal, the use of the xTreme Bypass Module is recommended for track and off-road use only. Check local noise regulations.