Cat-Back Dual Exhaust System, Aluminized


Cat-Back Dual Exhaust System, Aluminized


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Cat-Back Dual Exhaust System, Aluminized 98-02 PONTIAC FIREBIRD 5.7L, DUAL EXHAUST, ALUMINIZED, #320000 You purchased your muscle car for a reason. Now, Gibson gives you a powerful Exhaust System that screams performance. You can expect a deep powerful exhaust rumble tone with improved acceleration and increased horsepower gains when you put the pedal to the metal! Gibson Muffler actually tunes your exhaust by using resonance chambers, directional louvered tuning ports and angular induction to draw exhaust gases into the muffler and expel it at a higher velocity that delivers optimum power. Hassle free, bolt-on installation with professional looking results. Backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.