2014-2020 Lexus IS200t | IS250 | IS300 | IS350 RWD GT-S Lowering Sprin


2014-2020 Lexus IS200t | IS250 | IS300 | IS350 RWD GT-S Lowering Springs ARK LS1500-0014


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Part No. LS1500-0014
Make / Model 2014-2015 Lexus IS250 RWDÊ
2014-2020 Lexus IS350 RWD
2018-2020 Lexus IS300 RWD
2016-2017 Lexus IS20t RWD
Additional Notes Drop may vary depending on different factors including engine size, weight, tires, and other conditions.
Front Drop IS250/IS350 Estimated: 1.40 InchÊ
IS200t Estimated: 1.25 Inch
Rear Drop IS250/IS350 Estimated: 1.2 Inch
IS200t Estimated: 0.75 Inch
Lowering Spring Description

Grip, Traction, Style.
Increase performance with a functional drop for daily driven street cars. Each spring has been engineered and tested with the best progressive/linear spring rate to increase tire grip, entry and exit speeds through turns, and improve braking power.

Manufactured using high quality steel, powder coated, heat treated with advanced coiling methods and technology.

All GT-F and GT-S springs designed for maximum travel motion and useable stroke with your factory struts/shocks.

Items Included 2x Front Springs / 2x Rear Springs / InstallationÊguide (if available)