2018-2022 Kia Stinger S-FX Rear 3pc Wing ARK SFXW-0811C


2018-2022 Kia Stinger S-FX Rear 3pc Wing ARK SFXW-0811C


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Part No. SFXW-0811C (Carbon Fiber)
Part No. SFXW-0811FG (Fiberglass)
Part No. SFXW-0811FC (Forged Carbon)
Make / Model 2018-2022ÊKia Stinger (All Models)Ê
Material Composition Available in Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, Carbon Fiber, and Forged Carbon
Exterior Finish Carbon Fiber and Forged Carbon Wings are UV Protection Coated. Fiberglass trunk Wings have a primed surface.
Aeropart Installation Professional Installation Required. Bolt on application.ÊDrilling holes on the OEM trunkÊwill be required.
Notes ***All exterior products require professional installation. Minor adjustments and body prep work may be necessary and needed for installation. All parts should be test fitted before installation.ÊWe do not accept any returns or exchanges forÊitems thatÊhave been installed, modified, or show any signs of installation. All exterior products (carbon, fiberglass, forged carbon, etc.) are hand crafted and no two items will be exactly the same. Such small imperfections such as wavy weaves, tiny air bubbles, and clear coat blemishes are inevitable.ÊAfter 6 months the clear coat shade color may change based on exposure to the sun and how you maintain your product.ÊTherefore these conditions are not considered a manufacture defect.***