2015-2019 Ford Mustang GT Front Chicane Series Rotors (Non-P.P.) FOR1770


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Chicane Series Front 1-Piece Sport Rotors 2015-2019 Ford Mustang

  • Position: Front
  • Rotor Face Pattern: Chicane "S"
  • Rotor Finish: Black or Standard (natural)
  • Fits Mustang EcoBoost & GT originally Equipped with 352mm Front Rotors
  • Does not fit Mustang V6
  • Does not fit Performance Pack Mustang
  • Black rotors are designed to loose their black finish during brake-bedding where the pad contacts the rotor to ensure maximum braking performance.

    Chicane series rotors by STILLEN represent the latest in braking technology.  After developing various different machining patterns STILLEN determined that the chicane “S” pattern on the surface of the rotor improved the braking performance better than any other pattern tested.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Engineered to fit factory brake calipers
    • Increased bite and friction
    • Improved pedal feel
    • Finished with corrosion inhibiting military grade plating
    • Sold as pairs

    For decades there have been three popular rotor finishes.  Cross-drilled, cross-drilled and slotted, or slotted only.  The benefit to the cross-drilled rotor is that each hole acts as a friction point essentially “grabbing” the pad surface and allowing the pad to bite in to the surface of the rotor more aggressively.  Cross-drilled rotors have been the pattern of choice in all levels of motorsport. 

    Slotted rotors typically do not offer the same level of bite as a cross-drilled rotor but they became popular in endurance racing because the slot works to clean the pad surface and to allow the pads to out gas when additional heat is built up in the braking system. 

    Cross-drilled and slotted rotors are the absolute pinnacle in terms of braking performance as they offer the aggressive bite while also having the benefits of allowing the pad to be cleaned by the slots.  However, because they have a reduced surface area due to all of the material removed during the machining process they wear out very quickly and are more susceptible to thermal cracking.

    With the chicane series rotor STILLEN has been able to incorporate the leading edge of a drill pattern without sacrificing the integrity of the rotor.  Additionally, the slot patterns allow for better cooling of the rotor and pad during braking.  By spreading the slot across a larger, more consistent surface of the rotor the chicane pattern is able to spread that heat more evenly across the surface of the rotor.  As a side benefit, we think the chicane series is one of the best, most exciting machining patterns available for rotors today.

    *Some customers might notice a slight ticking noise after installing chicane series rotors.  This very light noise is not noticeable on all vehicles and is perfectly normal.  It is caused by the air being squeezed between the pad and rotor and can typically only be heard when braking in a tunnel or very close to a curb/wall with the windows down.