ICON Vehicle Dynamics 2007-2019 Toyota Tundra Suspension System - Stage 8


2007-2019 Toyota Tundra Lift Kit - Stage 8


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2007-2019 Toyota Tundra Lift Kit - Stage 8


- Increased wheel travel and ride quality over stock

- Vehicle-specific tuned front and rear shocks for superior shock damping and control

- Adjustable coilovers provide 0-3" of front lift height

- 6061 aircraft grade aluminum CNC machined components

- Corrosion resistant CAD plated coilover shock body with 7/8" shaft

- 2.5 Series remote reservoir RXT rear shocks with 7/8" shaft

- FK Rod End bearings for extended longevity and minimal deflection

- Shocks are fully rebuildable and revalveable

- Bolt-on system means no cutting or welding necessary for install

ICON Vehicle Dynamics 2007-UP Toyota Tundra suspension systems are designed with maximum performance and the serious driver in mind. Throughout the development of these systems ICON engineers’ primary focus is to increase wheel travel and damping ability, which translates into outstanding vehicle control and ride quality both on and off-road. This Stage 8 system goes a step further in delivering ICON performance to the Tundra with the addition of rear suspension components that include an ICON RXT multi-rate leaf spring and a unique RXT-specific 2.5 Series shock.

2.5" Remote Reservoir Coilover Kit

The Stage 8 system includes vehicle-specific tuned 2.5 Series coilover shocks featuring a remote reservoir for exceptional cooling properties and ICON-engineered Eibach coil springs for superior vehicle “feel” through the range of travel. These coilovers are also height adjustable from 0-3” allowing the use of larger, more aggressive wheel and tire combinations. Used in conjunction with the included ICON upper control arm, these coilovers increase droop travel to the front suspension.

Delta Joint Billet UCA

This system features billet aluminum upper control arms with ICON's patent pending Delta Joint. The Delta Joint is a heavy duty high angle ball joint that combines the durability of a ball joint with the performance characteristics of a traditional uniball. While the industry standard uniball does a great job of allowing the control arms of a vehicle to articulate with little bind, they do have an inherent weakness that leaves more to be desired when used in a daily driven application - exposure to the elements. The Delta Joint features a zinc plated housing providing the first layer of corrosion resistance, while a tough grease seal keeps potentially harmful elements out of the inner workings of the joint. Metal on metal construction and a greasable design increase the longevity of the Delta Joint while at the same time allowing for noise-free operation. What makes the Delta Joint unique is that it brings the best of both worlds to ICON upper control arms with features that make it more robust than a uniball, and at the same time capable of greater angularity than a typical ball joint.

Multi-Rate RXT Leaf Spring Kit

To increase the ride quality of the truck and gain additional droop travel, the ICON RXT multi-rate leaf springs are added to the rear. Designed with an additional leaf (included with kit) that can be exchanged or added to the pack to yield additional spring rate, this leaf spring is perfect for drivers seeking improved rear ride quality in an “unloaded” vehicle as well as those that are have outfitted their trucks with a significant amount of weight in the form of a bed rack, roof top tent, spare tires, parts, or other additions.

2.5 Series RXT Rear Shock Kit

To compliment this increase in rear wheel travel the Stage 8 system includes a unique 2.5 Series RXT remote reservoir shock that features a side-mount eyelet that making it shorter in collapsed length, longer at extension, and still fits in the factory mounting location. A large ten inch remote reservoir was added to aid in heat dissipation and resist shock fade during spirited driving.

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