STILLEN Cross Drilled Slotted Front Rotors (Only Sport Calipers)


Infiniti / Nissan Front Cross Drilled & Slotted 1-Piece Sport Rotors - (Akebono Calipers) (Set of 2) - INF3500XS


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Infiniti / Nissan Front Cross Drilled & Slotted 1-Piece Sport Rotors - (Akebono Calipers) (Set of 2) - INF3500XS



  • Infiniti / Nissan Front Cross Drilled & Slotted
  • 1-Piece Sport Rotors-Sport Brakes (Akebono Calipers) (Set of 2)


Cross drilled and slotted rotors combine the best features of a slotted rotor and a cross drilled rotor. Fewer holes mean longer brake pad life with no penalty in the way of initial brake pad bite. The improved bite and cooling from the cross drilled pattern along with the ventilation and pad out gassing offered by the slots means you are getting the best of both worlds.


When you look through the wheel of a vehicle and you see the aggressive cross drilled slotted pattern, you know that driver is serious about performance! STILLEN's cross drilled and slotted rotors are engineered to bolt directly to your factory braking system and will not require any modifications. The average driver will not notice any excess wear or decrease in durability over a cross drilled or slotted rotor.


Features of STILLEN Cross Drilled & Slotted Rotors:

  • Combines the features of Cross Drilling and Slotting for the best of both worlds.
  • Fewer holes mean longer pad life with little penalty in the way of initial pad bite.
  • Additional leading edges allow the brake pad to improve grip.
  • Under hard use, the cross drilled holes can provide better cooling.
  • Holes are radius-chamfered with special tooling, minimizing stress-raisers for maximum resistance to heat and longer rotor life compared to lower-priced cross drilled and slotted rotor offerings.
  • CAD tools are used to optimize the face patter for full pad sweep, reducing hot spots and grooving. Arrive finished, machine-balanced and ready to install!